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Thank you to all our clients below for trusting us to deliver their creative solutions.

Bates Smart

In late 2018, we were engaged to help the Bates Smart team bring their End of Year 'Blade Runner' themed event to life.

We were thrilled to provide styling concepts, venue layout, production coordination and custom visuals.

Event Creative

After recieving a brief, we quoted various 'Blade Runner' theme concepts to the Bates Smart team. Upon feedback, we finalised the quote and plan, including taking on the production coordination of theming, staging, drapes, lighting, lasers, sound, visuals, hosts and even a DJ.

Video Production

Given we were in the future, video played a key role in the environment. We worked with the Bates Smart team, bringing their invite key art to life, while also creating bespoke 'Blade Runner' skewed video loops of their architectural work to project throughout the room.

Bates Smart - EOY Wrap Party Event Creative & Video Production by

Untamed Entertainment

Upon initial approach in early 2018, Untamed Entertainment was a startup concept, aiming to offer flamboyant entertainment to events across Sydney.

The budget wasn't huge, but the opportunity was. We combined several services to deliver efficient creative solutions for the client, and continue to do so to this day.

Identity Design

Designing the logo and the pink flame brand identity including fonts, layout and image grade treatment.

Marketing Creative

Delivering the tagline 'Untame your next event' and associated marketing materials.

Content Creative

We continue to work with Untamed Entertainment - creating, directing & producing photographic elements, website videos and social media post/promo videos.

WiX Website Design

Given the budget wasn't huge, we initially designed a few simple WiX templates for the client who then further populated the site. The client updates most information on their own, only calling us in for specific new builds or changes if required.

Untamed Entertainment - Idendity Design, Marketing Creative, Online Content & WiX Website Design & Build by


To coincide with their 2017 rebrand, we were approached by Foxtel to pitch solutions to help grow customer advocacy using the on-air platform.

The output was a first for Foxtel, a targeted recommendation campaign helping customers find more shows to love based on the types of show they were watching.

Marketing Creative & Strategy

Research showed that a key driver to customer advocacy was 'content I love', however data also demonstrated that many customers found it difficult to find the content they love.

We developed this on-air recommendation campaign to help customers find the shows they might love, based on the genre of show they were watching.

We created a simple template, licensed music and setup cross channel, scheduling and production processes using one in-house promo producer and ongoing scheduling/cross business support.

The campaign ran on-air for 4 momths.

Foxtel Recommendation Campaign - Action Lovers - by

The Happy Celebrant

Simon, The Happy Celebrant, was looking to setup a simple website and brand identity for his service. We helped by combining our skills to create the identity, the copy and WiX Website of which he now updates himself.

Identity Design

The identity design is a reflection of Simon's relaxed and smiley personality, colours of the ocean where he lives, and an existing confetti idea of his that we helped bring to life. During the process we pitched several logo, text and identity options. This logo, icon and overall style/device struck home for Simon.

Creative Services

We worked closely with Simon to help convey his tone in copywriting, while also providing strategic advice on what may help customers in making their choice of celebrant, such as testimonials, the process and legal stuff.

WiX Website Design & Build

We built the WiX Website for Simon back in 2017. After setting the style and showing him how, he continues to update the site with new testimonials and any changes he may require without any additional cost to the low WiX Subscription fees.

The Happy Celebrant - Identity, WiX Website Design & more by

Get Life Fit

This Australian distributor of a new safer, more portable and flexible whole body workout device, engaged us to delivery a brand identity and online WiX Website Store to help get their local sales and distribution off the ground.

We combined our services to deliver Identity Design, Product Photography, Graphic Design and the WiX Website Store Design & Build.

Identity Design

Designing the logo, heart tick icon, colour palette, image styling and font recommendations.

Marketing Creative

Delivering the tagline 'Join the Fitness Evolution' while also assisting with copywriting.

Graphic Design

Producing print assets such as business cards and brochures, to graphic designing product shots and imagery for online and more.

WiX Website Design

A small smartup and small budget made WiX the perfect choice for getting the concept off the ground. We worked with the client to develop the site, write the copy, render the assets and ultimately build the entire WiX Store.

Get Life Fit - Identity, WiX Website Design & more by

This idendity is for the umbrella brand of fun events & experiences run in Sydney, Australia. The team behind the events primarily do it for the love of it, and to express their creativity and passion for delivering unique fun experiences.

You can check out the identity in action at

Identity Design

As with all our identity design, we took into consideration competing event brand identities to ensure stood out clearly in the market. Identity Design & more by

CGA Consulting

The team at CGA Consulting were keen for attendees of a meeting to get a true picture of life for those they were about to talk about. We were engaged to capture that story for this exact occasion.

Video Production

Shooting and interviewing aged care residents and workers over two locations. Editing, grading and placing final graphics. This is one clip of several that were created.

CGA Consulting - Aged Care Conference Video Produciton by

Colours of our Community

Photographer Markham Lane engaged us to create a video documentary showcasing the exhibition of his work, a 10 year retrospective of Sydney's LGTBQI+ community, part of the 2017 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival.

Our approach was to tell his story in his words, from his heart.

Video Production

We shot the video over two sittings. The first, interviewing Mark to find out exactly what makes him tick and why the exhibition. This formed the narrative. The second was shot at the launch of the event at Ovolo Hotel, Woolloomooloo Wharf.

Colours of our Community - Exhibition Trailer by


This client provides operational business consulting to SME's. He is known for stepping in and very quickly pulling operational, administrative and marketing tasks together for medium to small businesses.

The name, and design is a reflection of this activity.

Identity Design

Designing the logo, icon and simple identity.

Marketing Creative

Developing the name 'bizibee' in collaboration with the client.

bizibee Logo - Identity Design by

Kapow Kamp

This fun educational kids coding camp took off in 2017. We were asked to help create an identity that would stand out amongst existing coding camp operators.

Once the concept was agreed, we delivered the final elements to the client for them to generate further assets such as online, in venue signage and uniforms.

Identity Design

Providing the business identity, including logo, icon, colours and superhero ray device.

Marketing Creative

Collaborating with the client on the business name and super hero concept.

Kapow Kamp - Identity Design by

Ignite:Symphonic Dance Anthems

The Headliner Group led by Dan Murphy were one of the first to bring symphinic dance anthems to Australia. They had hired in a camera crew to film the live concert, but needed someome to switch the cameras and coordinate the live streamign to Facebook. We looked after this for the production team.

Video Production

Live Switching of 5 cameras without comms. Coordinating the live streaming to Facebook.

Ignite:Symphonic Dance Anthems - Sandstorm by Darude Excerpt = Live Switching and Webcasting by

Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice is a cheeky event run by team We helped with producing marketing assets and the event creative.

Identity Design

Designing the logo and identity.

Marketing Creative

Developing the marketing strategy, online eDM's and more.

Online Content

Developing online content videos and imagery, including custom photography.

Event Creative

We helped deck the halls of the top three floors of the Kings Cross Hotel specially for the event.

Naughty or Nice - Identity Design, Online Content & Event Creative by

Princess & P-rnstars

This is another cheeky event run by team We helped with developing the identity, marketing creative, online content and event creative.

Identity Design

Designing the logo & overall 2018 look and feel.

Marketing Creative

Developing the marketing strategy, online eDM's and more.

Online Content

Developing online content videos and imagery, including custom shot video & photography.

Event Creative

We helped transform the top three floors of the Kings Cross Hotel for this themed event.

Princess & P-rnstars- Identity Design, Online Content & Event Creative by

Halloween Wh-res

Now in its 11th year, this brand & event was created by the founders of and we continue to offer our marketing, online content and event creative services to team for this event.

Marketing Creative

Designing the look and feel of each year, developing the marketing strategy, building eDM's and more.

Online Content

Developing online content videos and imagery, including custom shot video & photography elements.

Event Creative

Year after year we've halloweened up spaces for their fans to run amok, more recently creating 4 themed areas at the events current home, The Metro Theatre, Sydney.

Halloween Wh-res - Identity Design, Online Content & Event Creative by


We helped spread OPAN's message at the launch of their National Elder Abuse Prevention and Advocacy Framework in Perth, Australia. We delivered a live multi-camera webcam feed for those who couldn't be in the room, and post produced recordings of each speaker for post event use.

Video Production

A multi-camera live feed and recording of the conferene event.

OPAN Older Persons Advocacy Network - Logo

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